Who we are.

Redruth 2000 is a registered charity and we are the Trustees of Murdoch House. In 1922 the house caught fire and was all but destroyed, in 1933 the house was saved and restored to as best as could be done to preserve it's original appearance. The house then as it is today serves the commuity of Redruth; to help educate our community, maintain the property and preserve it's history and that of William Murdoch.

As the years passed the Management Committee in the early 90s diversed and began another program envisioned by Dr. F.L. Harris, the Cornish American Connection or the CAC, the intention was to gather information pertaining to the Cornish diaspera that migrated to the US to work in the mines across the country. To create a database of the information and research gathered and to correlate and organise the data for visitors from around the world to visit and research their Cornish heritage.

The Management Committee evolved into Redruth 2000 which became a registered charity. The new group endeavored to continue the objective of the original Management Committee and to contiue with the responsibility and oversight of the CAC which has now become CGMP. Redruth 2000 is now moving with the times and is undertaking a major uplift of the house and the services they offer. We look forward, cherish and guard the history and heritage of our town and work with our local government and organisations to preserve the architecture and histrorical integrity of Redruth.

We currently run a Coffee Morning in the house every Friday from 9:30 till 12:00. The House is also available to rent for events, meetings, workshops, classes and during town festivals and activities. High speed internet access is available. The Management Committee is working towards converting the interior of the House into a space that not only provides the community space currently offered but will also reflect the history of William Murdoch, his contributions to the world and to tell the story of his incredible life and inventions. While keeping in mind the objectives and vision of Redruth 2000.

Our Objectives are: To preserve the history, architecture and heritage of the area of benefit. To provide a space for groups to meet, learn, share ideas, to preserve and enlighten the community and visitors of the contributions of William Murdoch to industry and the world. To work with other organisations towards our vision and objectives and to educate the community and beyond of the history, culture and heritage of Redruth and Cornwall.